Kuulsaali bowlinguklubi
The bowling and billiards club Ku:lsa:l
The bowling and billiards club Ku:lsa:l is an attractive entertainment center situated at the heart of Tallinn. Established on 2002, Ku:lsa:l has become known for its unique interior design and superior location on the edge of Tallinn’s old town.

Ku:lsa:l operates in the Rosen Waba Aja Wabrik (Rosen Free Time Factory) at Mere Avenue 6 on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The Rosen Waba Aja Wabrik building was built on 1876 and it has a very interesting and intriguing architecture. The building itself has quite a peculiar history – until the year 1995 spirit was brewed there. The spirit factory was established by a noble man Alvred Rosen – hence also the entertainment center carries his name.

The bowling and billiards club Ku:lsa:l encloses 12 AMF bowling lanes placed on the 2nd and 3rd floor. There is a bar on both floors in order to serve customers more efficiently. Service personnel and lane instructors are always present to guide and meet your requests.

Ku:lsa:l is a suitable location to celebrate personal occasions and also to organize corporate events and competitions between corporations and bowling clubs. There is also a possibility to take a shower after training or after an active game. All 12 lanes have an option to set cutter ball protection in order to make bowling interesting for kids as well.

In addition to bowling there is also a possibility to play billiards and snooker in a separate billiards hall. Altogether Ku:lsa:l has eight high quality billiards tables. The newest entertainment option is table soccer.